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SMERCH MULTIPLE ROCKET LAUNCHER SYSTEM (MRLS) (9K58) is designed to ensure battlefield mass destruction weapon delivery means and storage facilities, lightly armoured and armoured materiel, rocket launchers, artillery and mortar batteries in firing positions, air/missile defence units in deployment areas, aircraft in airfields, helicopters in parking pads and landing zones, command and communication posts of troops control, engineer support facilities and fortifications, various components of military infrastructure.
Technical specifications
Calibre 300 mm
Weight of RP 800..815 kg
Range of fire:  
 - max 90 km
 - min 20 km
Number of launching tubes 12
Salvo time 38 sec
LV loading time 20 min
Time to prepare for action, not more than 3 min
Time for urgent leaving of the firing position after launch 1 min
LV crew 3 men
TL crew 2 men
Ambient Operating Conditions  
Ground temperature range for the RP -50..+50 °C
Ground temperature range for the LV -40..+50 °C
RPs short-term stay (up to 6hr) temperature range -60..+60 °C
Ground wind up to 20 m/s
Air relative humidity at +35C up to 98 %
Rainfall (max) 2.7 mm/min
Dust content in the ground air up to 2 g/m3
Atmospheric reduced pressure above sea level up to 3000 m
The distinguishing feature of the SMERCH MRLS is the system of the
flight trajectory autonomous correction.
"SMERCH" System
Rocket Projectiles
with fragmentation
submunitions warhead
with sensor-fuzed
submunitions warhead
with anti-tank mine
scattering warhead
with shaped-charge fragmentation
submunitions warhead
with separable
HE-fragmentation warhead
with fuel-air explosive warhead
with HE-fragmentation warhead
Launch vehicles
Set of 9F819 Arsenal Equipment and Tools
9F827 Training Aids
9F840 Training Set
"Slepok-1" complex of facilities for automated fire control 9C729M1 Automated Fire Control System
1T12-2M Topographical Survey Vehicle
1B 44 Radio Direction-Finding Weather system
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